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Loom, 2010
with SIPLA+NEWSAM Studio

Hilles Gallery,

Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT

Loom was a transformative sculptural environment. Consisting of large wave-like wooden forms protruding from the walls and suspended from the ceiling of the Hilles Gallery upper level, Loom was a reconstruction of the gallery's rectangular shapes into a soft, biomorphic passageway.


Inspired by the movements of a weaving loom - the up and down, side to side motions of it's shuttle - as well as the woven form, this sculptural installation undulated back and forth through space. The built elements weaved under and over each other, encouraging the movement of visitors walking through the gallery to weave around the wooden forms and around each other. Other inspiration came from wooden bridges, structures that span a physical obstacle for the purpose of providing a passage.  We shifted our bridges onto their sides and placed them on the walls, transforming the pathways from literal to implied, from physical to psychological and spiritual.


Loom was a sculpture of wood and space that encouraged a unique type of interaction between visitor and space, visitor and artwork, and between visitor and fellow visitor.

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